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About PROP X

Why have my parents and teachers been telling me I will be getting a new school?

Because you are! We are excited for you to be able to explore your school in ways you never have before. Right now, many of the classrooms in your school could use a little spiffing up. Your teachers and parents want you to be able to enjoy a healthy and safe learning environment.

What will they be doing to my school?

First, they will be making your school as safe and healthy as possible for you. They will be removing any old materials, updating electrical systems and fire alarms. New computers and technology are going into your classrooms so that learning new things can be right at the tip of your fingers! Each classroom, bathroom, and even the cafeteria will be much nicer and cleaner. Soon, it will be easier for our friends with handicaps to get around campus as well.

What will be happening outside?

Outside your classrooms, you will see lots of construction going on too. These construction workers are fixing up your school! They will be constructing new buildings, libraries, classrooms, and plenty of other things that you can look forward to.

Will my friends at other schools get new classrooms, too?

Most of the schools in your area will be under construction just like you. That means your friends at other schools will be seeing the same great changes that you will! Most schools in the district are extremely old- and it is time for them to look as nice as the students in them! The schools that will be remodeled in your area include:

Bayside Elementary School Nicoloff Elementary School
Berry Elementary School Oneonta Elementary School
Central Elementary School Pence Elementary School
Emory Elementary School Sunnyslope Elementary School
Imperial Beach Charter School VIP Village Preschool
Mendoza Elementary School West View Early Learning Center
Nestor Language Learning Center

Why is Proposition X important to our community?

Quality elementary schools are important for the community to grow together and be stronger. Stronger communities make stronger families, and stronger families make great students.You are the difference that can be seen in the world, and it starts right in your classroom!


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