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About PROP X

Mission: We are a purposeful community committed to the academic and social success of ALL students.

Motto: All Students, All of Us -- Achieving Success Together!

Our Core Values:
Aim for Excellence
Increase Interdependence
Model Respect & Dignity


All schools will have an increase of 8% or more students scoring proficient or advanced (including all significant target groups) in ELA and Mathematics as measured on the CST.

Student target groups in every school will achieve or exceed the NCLB targets (using safe harbor steady improvement where appropriate) in order to assure that all District schools and the District will advance beyond Program Improvement Corrective Action status by 2010.

English/Language Arts (Percentage of students proficient or advanced)
2009: 46% 2010: 56.8%

Mathematics (Percentage of students proficient or advanced)
2009: 47.5% 2010: 58%

Every student will advance one proficiency level each year as measured by performance on the district benchmark assessments (K-6) with the goal of 80% of students achieving and maintaining proficiency or advanced status by Grade 3
All English Learner Target Groups meet or exceed Title III AMAOs:
2009 - 2010
51.6 53.1% of English Learners will increase one CELDT level annually
30.6 - 32.2% will attain English proficiency as measured by CELDT

1. Approach Success through Agreed Upon Processes

Support and implement the District's Student Achievement (LEA/DAIT) Plan as the primary focus of the organization.
Continue to refine and implement the District's Student RESPECT Plan.
Revise and implement the District's systems for Employee Evaluation.
Examine and revise appropriate Board policies to assure alignment of philosophy, mission, goals, purpose, student achievement plan and district processes.

2. Develop Collective Efficacy and Strengthen the Organizational Culture

Implement professional learning, coaching and feedback systems to assure the success of all students, all staff, and all community members engaged in supporting the mission. (e.g. professional development directly aligned with the District's Student Achievement Plan)
Build a purposeful, interdependent community characterized by positive culture and a friendly, customer-service orientation.
Continue to implement strategies that promote interdependence, respect, dignity and professionalism. (e.g. SWTA and CSEA Working Together Teams, Professional Learning Community teams in departments and schools, etc.)
Continue to implement strategies that enhance communication. (e.g. Board Open Forums, providing "News" on new District website, phone calls on Ed-Connect, communications with PTA, DELAC, DAC, Chamber of Commerce, Kiwanis, City Council, etc.)
Honor students' and staff members' accomplishments. (e.g. District website, student and employee recognition events, etc.)

3. Demonstrate Wise Use of District Assets

Provide information to all staff and community members for the District's general obligation bond initiative (Proposition X) on the November 2008 ballot.
Implement long-range Master Facilities Plan.
Encourage support for the District through financial contributions to the Education Foundation, by volunteering and contributing time at local schools, or by serving on School Site Councils and District committees.
Maintain a balanced District budget aligned with established Board values and District goals using a process that encourages high levels of staff and community involvement.
Study and make recommendations regarding attendance boundaries and use of schools for most efficient and effective implementation of facilities, programs, and revenue.
Upgrade support system technologies (phone systems, software, etc.) and student learning technology to promote a strong culture, efficient operations and student learning goals.

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